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Kimuchi nabe


Before cooking, cut the pork into bite size pieces, chop the Chinese cabbage roughly, slice the Japanese leeks diagonally, chop the Chinese chives into 4-5cm lengths, cut off the hard bottom of the enokidake mushrooms and separate, drain the tofu and cut it into a reasonable size.


Mix the Kimchi Nabe No Moto and water in a nabe pot, heat, then add all ingredients except for the Chinese chives and simmer until heated through.


Add the Chinese chives and serve.


4 servings

Kimchi Nabe No Moto
(Seasoning for Hot Pot)

thinly sliced pork ribs 300g
Chinese cabbage 1/4
Japanese leeks 2stalks
Chinese chives 1bunch
enokidake mushrooms 1pc
tofu 1block
water 600ml


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