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Shabu shabu


After trimming off the hard bottom of the mushrooms, slice the shiitake mushrooms thinly and tear the other mushrooms into small bunches. Cut the vegetables into a reasonable size.


Boil water in a nabe pot, and then add the beef and vegetables.


Once the ingredients have been heated, eat by dipping them in the Ebara Shabushabu Goma Dare.


4 servings

Shabu shabu Goma dare
(Seasoning for Hot Pot)

beef(thinly sliced for shabushabu) 500g
shimeji mushrooms 1pc
maitake mushrooms 1pc
enokitake mushrooms 1pc
shiitake mushurooms 4
Chinese cabbage 4leaves
carrot 1/2
Japanese leeks 1stalk
shungiku (crown daisy) 1/2bunch


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