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"Ebara's 'Zundo Kakumei Chicken-gara Soup Chiipaitan' offers savory flavor (umami) and a deep, rich taste found only in white chicken broth, meaning you can use it with confidence as a flavor base for soups. With this recipe, the chicken leg meat used as a topping has been stewed to bring out the unique taste of white chicken broth. Although the meat is delicious as is, it has been sweetened further by stewing it together with onions, ginger, garlic and other aromatic ingredients to achieve a more appealing dish that more effectively conveys the unique characteristics of every shop.
Don't get too caught up on the Chiipaitan product name or white chicken broth: its mild flavor enables use in a wide range of culinary applications including hot pot cooking. The generous quantities of gelatin do an excellent job of bringing together the flavor of the meat, fish, vegetables and various other ingredients.
The trend nowadays for white-broth noodle soups—both chicken- and pork-based broths—is toward richer soups, which means higher ingredient costs, longer stewing times, and higher gas bills and other expenses. At our shop, the cook adds five whole chickens, 50 kg of chicken carcass, and roasted calf bones and muscle to a 200-liter stockpot and lets the ingredients stew for 7 hours to produce 80 liters of soup. The main attraction of this noodle specialty shop is our ramen noodles in rich white chicken broth—this is what keeps the business going. However, considering the costs and the trouble involved, I really can't recommend this as a profession—explains Mr. Kudo with a smile—These boil-in-the-bag packs can be stored at room temperature, which is very handy for small businesses with limited refrigerator and freezer space. To those who choose and try our product, I would recommend to use it along with their original soups to enrich their menus."

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