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-Vol.1 Ramen Burger

All skewers are cooked on the grill

BambooTori is a yakitori restaurant in University Place, an area buzzing with students from the University of New York and other schools. Here, you won't see the familiar fan and charcoal that are in a typical yakitori shop. Instead, a rotating yakitori machine does the job of dipping skewers in sauce, one after another.
BambooTori is based on the concept of "fast, healthy, fun and tasty", and started business with the aim of offering yakitori to the ordinary American in a casual environment. This yakitori restaurant for Americans revolutionizes yakitori as a fast food, rather than as a dish to be savored over sake on special occasions.
By Kimiko Tonogai

Rice and 4-skewer set ($8.73)

Opened in New York by MBA graduates

Fast, inexpensive and healthy

Fast, inexpensive and healthy

BambooTori is managed by MBA graduates who majored in business at a Boston university. Their college professors even funded the venture. Realizing that they would be wiser to open a store in New York, which is far more multicultural and wide open with a larger population than Boston, the management team devoted themselves to preparation after their graduation... and opened BambooTori - a crystallization of their efforts - in New York eight months later.

-5 most popular dishes
Chicken thigh ($1.61) / Chicken meatball ($1.84) /Pork belly ($1.61) / Asparagus bacon ($2.30) / Beef tri-tips ($2.30)

The popular Asparagus Bacon ($2.30)

The popular Asparagus Bacon ($2.30)

A restaurant friendly even to those unfamiliar with Japan

BambooTori's management team states their reason for choosing yakitori as being healthy, easy-to-eat and reasonably priced. Additionally,yakitori is unique (unlike the many sandwich and pizza places found everywhere), and easily accepted. "We wanted to provide a place where people who aren't familiar to Japan can come in and order with no pressure. That's why, apart from the word 'yakitori' , we don't use any Japanese on the menu, so it can be easily understand by everyone" says management team member, Jonny Hermijanto.

All skewers are additive- and preservative-free

A rotisserie for dipping the skewers in sauce

A rotisserie for dipping the skewers in sauce

Single servings of yakitori skewers are available in an a la carte style, but there is also a set menu to choose from.
Set dishes are rice ($8.73), salad ($10.57) and steamed buns ($9.88), and all of these come with four skewers of your choice. There is a small additional charge for asparagus bacon, beef tri-tips and meatball skewers. Customers have a choice

of either white or brown rice.
All of the yakitori skewers are free from additives and preservatives. There are also vegetable skewers such as zucchini, eggplant and mushrooms available for the many vegetarians living in New York. Ingredients are prepared fresh every morning. The highly popular meatball skewer is made from a special recipe of Marc Bynum, a champion of America's popular TV program, "Chopped". The secret sauce made by the chef of a prestigious hotel is not overly sweet or strong and offers a taste which one could easily grow fond of.
This tidy and modern yakitori restaurant is certainly American-friendly, but at the same time features Japanese drinks such as ramune (a carbonated drink), beer and sake.

- Business information

BambooTori/Location: 106 University Place, New York, NY/Open since December, 2012/Business hours: Daily from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm/Seats: 20

A district with a high number of students and businesspeople

A district with a high number of students and businesspeople

Monday, March 3rd 2014 edition of Restaurant News

yakitori no tare

This mildly spicy Yakitori no Tare (Grilled Chicken Sauce) with coarse sugar added produces an excellent glaze. The spicy flavor is also well-suited to teriyaki (meat or fish marinated and broiled in a sweetened soy sauce) dishes.

Skewered Chicken (Chicken and scallion arranged alternately on a skewer)
Chicken thigh fillet...55g
Yakitori no Tare....20g

Cooking Directions
1) Cut chicken fillet into bite-size pieces.
2) Heat oil in a frying pan and cook chicken. Pour sauce in, toss to coat and serve.

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